We transfer money to your bank account usually within 24 hours. Transfer are sent on working days and can be sent in GBP, EUR or USD.
We exchange the digital currency into your local fiat currency. The fixed exchange rate protects you from price fluctuations.
Get paid in BItcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies. Payments can be recieved from any digital currency wallet.
Our ready made shopping cart plugins make it easier to start accepting digital currency
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How it works?
Digital currency can be sent by any customer worldwide. Giving your business access to new revenue streams.
Payments are processed faster and at lower cost compared to cards payments and bank transfers.
Businesses accepting payment in digital currency are protected agaisnt chargebacks and fraud.
Why accept dgital currency?
API to Integrate digital currency payments into your existing payment flows.
Send digital currency to anyone who has a smartphone and internet connection.
Send Money
Get paid instantly from any customer around the world, even the unbanked.
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Digital Currency Solutions
Now your business can send low cost cross border payments using digital currency. You can send payments without having to manage your own digital currency wallet. You pay only the real time exchange rate from fiat to crypto when you send payments.
Send single or mass cross border payments
Send invoices via email and your clients can pay you in digital currency. The exchange rate is calculated at the time the invoice is paid, this ensures you get the correct fiat amount for the invoice.
Send email invoices requesting payment
Integrating digital currency payments into your online shopping cart with our plugins takes minutes. Once setup customers can make payment to you by selecting the digital currency payment option during the checkout process.
Start accepting payments within minutes
Usining the online dashboard you can manage your transactions, payments and invoices. You can easily update your payment and currency settings.
Manage online with the business dashboard
Say goodbye to high fees, fraud, and chargebacks.
The future of payments is here!
Truly global payment method that can be accesed by the unbanked.
Get started straight  away with our pre-built shopping cart plugins.
Ecommerce Ready
Get paid with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoinand other digital currencies.
Digital Currency
Blockchain tech protects against chargebacks and fraud.
You’re guaranteed to be paid the exact amount in GBP, EUR or USD.
Price Guarantee
Get money transfered to your bank account within 24 hours.
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How long do payments take to process?
What fees do you charge for the service?
Does my business need a digital currecny wallet to use this service?
What happens if the price goes down after i recieve a payment?
Can integrate digital currency into my existing shopping cart?
Is it legal to accept digital currency payments?
Using our payment solutionsyou can accept payment from any digital currency wallet irrespective of the wallet provider.
Which digital currency wallets do you support?